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Face Reality Acne Boot Camp


Has your dermatologist prescribed antibiotics, retinoids or Accutane® and your skin still isn’t clear? Have you tried Proactive®, natural acne treatments and every acne product at the department store counter without success? As a certified Acne Specialist, I'm here to tell you there is help, without the need for harmful medications or products that simply do not work! This program is unique and was thought out and researched by legendary dermatologist, Dr. James Fulton, author of Acne Rx and developer of Vivant skincare and co-developer of Retin-A. This program utilizes a combination of lifestyle and dietary changes as well as the use of the correct acne-fighting products.



The Face Reality Acne Boot Camp Program has a 95% success rate when all home care instructions are followed and you come in every two weeks for acne treatments until your clear.  Help with acne takes the recognition that one-size does not fit all, and that each case has to be approached individually and followed carefully. Typically, it takes about 6-8 treatments over a 3-4 month period of time to get clear.

Consultation Only (no treatment)

$50 (45 min) 

During your first visit, you will complete a detailed skin and health questionnaire and your skin will be evaluated, including a sensitivity test to determine the type of acne you have, the best in-office treatments for your type of acne, and your home care regimen. We will go over all of the information in my Acne Boot Camp folder including information on how to manage your acne, lifestyle changes, pore clogging ingredients, foods that can contribute to acne and their best alternatives, supplement recommendations and much more.  This information will be sent to your email as an attachment so you can always have it on hand and refer to when needed. 

***You must be off the drug Accutane for at least 90 days, and/or off any prescription topical and other oral acne medications for at least two weeks, before you can begin this program. These drugs cause heightened sensitivity to the skin, and your home care products and treatments may be too strong for your sensitized skin.***

Consultation with Treatment

$115 (90 min)

If you would like to come in for your consultation and get started on your treatments right away this is the treatment you would select.  This treatment  includes everything detailed above plus your first professional treatment.  After your sensitivity test an acne peel or an enzyme treatment will be performed followed by extractions and LED.

It typically takes about six treatments (seeing me every two weeks) over a three-month period of time to get you mostly to completely clear. Significant results will be seen within six-eight weeks. Following your home care regimen is of the utmost importance. You will NOT get clear without the proper home care. Expect to pay approximately $175-$190 for your home care products including taxes. On average, your products will last 3 months.

Bi-weekly Acne Treatment

$85 (45 min) *For returning clients already enrolled in Acne Boot Camp*

You will receive treatments every two weeks that will include a double cleanse, an enzyme treatment or an acne peel, extractions, and high frequency  and/or LED treatments that will help kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and speed up healing time.

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